Marc Silber Interviews Chase Jarvis

Our friend photographer Marc Silber has started his new SilberStudios.TV with lot's of video interviews and tips with a lot of famous photographers out there.

As he explains: "We're focused on professional photographers who SHOW you how to get those great shots, hence the name PhotoShow — right on point with tips from the pros. Have a look at our first shows, new episodes begin in January."

After the jump watch the interview with acclaimed photographer Chase Jarvis.

Video is now restored and with a much better quality sponsored by Vimeo.

I would like to thank Marc Silber for allowing me to share this video with all of you readers of the Lighting Mods.


Chase Jarvis' 5 Tips for Exceptional Photographs from SilberStudios.Tv on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

You've got a pretty strong start right out of the gate for 2009 with that episode. Chase Jarvis is class material - 100%