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Tip: DVD's You Must Have (Part 2)

DVD's You Must Have
After waiting for a few weeks on some mail sent to Mr. Zack Arias concerning the use of some more info and photos from the DVD I got no answer so I decided to publish what I have on both DVD's and try not infringe too much copyrighted information.

This is part 2 of the DVD's You Must Have and if you have missed the first one here is the link to where you can find Part 1. DVD's You Must Have (Part 1)

Just follow me...

I believe that some of the good tools to get your photography skills improved are taking pictures, read lot's of photography books and related, sharing skills with other photographers and DVD's.

Today I bring you another one of my favorite from the collection I already own.

It's called "OneLight Workshop" by photographer Zack Arias.

This DVD caught my attention because of the OneLight concept I was trying to accomplish and quite few people have talked about it in such a deep and detailed way.

But why? - you may ask.

Well simply because I always carry my small portable strobe with me while I'm on assignments and because I wanted to try different photo approaches but lacked the ideas.

I've been following Zack Arias blog for quite some time now and did not hesitate on getting his DVD when it was released.

The Zack blog thing started with his wonderful "White Seamless Tutorial" have you read it? It may change the way you look and create a white seamless picture. Take a peak ;)

For those who do not know MR. Zack Arias here is a small introduction taken from his own blog:

"My name is Zack Arias and I am a full time editorial photographer.

My specialty is niched in press and publicity photography for the music industry. As my music work continues to expand nationally, my studio in Atlanta works within a wider spectrum of the entertainment industry producing headshots and fashion portfolios.

My first run at being a freelance photographer left me heavily in debt and placed my family on the edge of destruction. I came to a place in my career that required me to put the cameras down and take a “job.” After two years of leaving the cameras and selling them off to pay rent and fix beater cars, I was given a chance to come back as a second shooter for a friend of mine who shoots weddings. I took a D100 that he bought me, a 285 flash, an ample amount of faith, and quit my job at Kinkos in October of 2003. I was determined to do things differently this time around..."

You can find his works here:
Music Photography by Zack Arias
Headshots by Used Film Studios
The OneLight Workshop

This 2 DVD pack has a lot of goods inside the card box pack that came on the post.

Here is what I found inside when I open it...

OneLight Workshop DVD_Package

This is the full package :)

Inside the card box package you will find:

- 6 Stickers
- 2 DVD with lots of information
- 1 Black T-Shirt with OneLight Workshop white logo
- 1 music CD from the band Meghan Coffee "Songs to Sail By". For more information about this band you can always check their page in here.
- 1 Instructions Booklet with 18 pages.

OneLight Workshop DVD_Inside

Inside the DVD box package you can find:
A detail of the Booklet with some basic information and more tips.

OneLight Workshop DVD_Booklet

Inside the DVD box package you will find:

- 2 DVD with lots of video information.
- 1 Instruction Booklet to guide you with some basic information and more tips.

On the first DVD Zack shows you how exposure variables work.

How Shutter Speed controls the ambient exposure with pictures to illustrate what he's talking about. Range goes to 250th to 4th with simple and illustrative examples.

Zack talks clearly and it's not those kind of videos where at middle of the lesson you're opening your mouth and tired of what the tutor tries to explain you... remember those boring school days with that lousy teacher?... well this has nothing to do with it, it's the complete opposite.

He also talks about Flash Power and explain how you can get consistent flashes and amount of light with the explanation of 1/1 scale to the 1/128 on your flash and this is full of diagrams and examples so you can see what he's talking about in a simple manner.

Then you will have a talk about aperture controls and ISO and how they will affect your photo shootings.

Next come the gear.

Zack talks about what gear he carries around, flashes and accessories.

Flashes are explained from the simple hot-shoe flash to a more powerful studio flashes. You will get to know how you can assemble the gear and also the ways to trigger your flashes wireless, light modifiers, umbrellas and softboxes.

Back in the studio you start to see how you can apply all the things you have learned so far and this is done with a model.

Zack explains all details on how to start with the client, shoot with small on camera strobe, off-camera and compare them.

You will see the pictures taken during this shooting has he explains what is going on with ISO, Aperture and why he chooses that light or position. You imagine yourself having a personal workshop with Zack.

As the 1st DVD is coming to an end is time to move outside and use the model with softbox and umbrella and compare the differences. Zack, at some point, will be shooting against the sun and some more great techniques that will help you outside.

On disc 2 you will go travel with Zack Arias through his client shootings around several setups and this is more of a follow up DVD with lot's on hands on the job.

You can watch Zack talking while choosing this or that setup or light and follow him on this journey through all his assignments.

He does a great job explaining why he has chosen this or that location, spot, light and sends some great tips.

I think this is a must have DVD. If you do not have what are you waiting for???

You can take a look at this small presentation video from DVD package:

And if you are lucky enough to catch one of his workshops... Man you ARE LUCKY!!!

What are people saying about his workshops:

The DVD Box can be ordered at:
OneLight Workshop web page and check out Zac Arias blog for more tips.

Before you go just take a moment to see this brilliant video made by Zack Arias himself:

For more information here are the direct links to his pages:

Web Page:

THANK YOU MR.ZACK ARIAS for sharing this information with all of us.

Tip: DVD's You Must Have (Part 1)
Tip: DVD's You Must Have (Part 2)


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Excellent posting!!!

Alex said...

Just curious: does it come with (English) subtitles? The Strobist set, which you reviewed in your previous post does and I personally (as a non native speaker of English) find them very helpful.