Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FREE?, Something to Think About

This video of Harlan Ellison "Pay the Writer" it applies also to photographers.

How do you feel about this? Did it ever happen to you and what did you do?

What do you feel about the Coldplay contracts signed prior the bad's show?

Take a look at the article about this here.

Share your comments...


Bastian said...

He's right... work souldnt be done for free.

Okay in some cases there are reasons to do, but it should never become a general rule that photogs give away pictures (or in general work) for free.

R.Mutt said...

I love it. The anger and outrage of Ellison. I feel the same way when someone wants to 'offer' me the opportunity to display my work but they don't offer to have insurance coverage if it is damaged or stolen. For the privilege of exhibiting they will take 20 to 40 percent of any sales. This is a big problem for artists who don't know any better. It reveals an ignorance of the value of creativity.
The copyright issue is another problem. If Cold Play wants my copywrite, they need to pay for it. Otherwise put me on your payroll as staff photographer and stipulate the terms in an employment agreement.

Paulo Rodrigues said...

The irony of this video being shown on the internet for free isn't lost on me.

Unknown said...

I love this video clip. I can relate to Mr. Ellison's anger. I recall early on in my freelancing days that trying to get paid was like pulling teeth. As I've gotten older I have also gotten wiser and don't get suckered as I used to.

P.S. I love his comment about getting paid to piss. A mentor of mine once said something similar; "I don't get out of bed unless I'm getting paid for it."