Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tip: Why Shoot Raw?

Many of you been asking on what format I'm taking my pictures and the answer is very simple.

I use only RAW format, well maybe sometimes Raw+Jpg when I need fast delivery on the images, otherwise I use only RAW format.

It gives me the possibility of having more control over your images without having degradation while save it over and over and over.

I found this video by hadto titled "Generation Loss" that shows exactly what I'm talking about.

Keep reading for video...

You take a normal JPG image from your files and open the last saved jpeg image, then you Save it as a new JPG/Jpeg image with slightly more compression and repeat the process 600 times and this is what you will get.

Watch the video

Generation Loss from hadto on Vimeo.

And you what are you shooting Raw or Jpg?... why so?
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