Tuesday, March 23, 2010

14" Beauty Dish for your Speedlights

Have you ever wish to have a Beauty Dish to your Portable flash but never had the time to make one yourself?

Whine no more...

I present you the new Lumodi 14'' Beauty Dish and it's available now.

Find out more...

- Easy to use, securely mounts directly to flash gun
- Specially designed reflector for maximum efficiency
- Large 14" dish creates soft wrap around lighting

Each Beauty Dish is handmade in California and custom fit to your model of flash.

This unit weighs less tan 10oz.(284g) and is the largest Beauty Dishes that can mount directly to your flash. No extra hardware or brackets are need. Just attach it and it's ready to go!

Specially designed convex center reflector and specular metal coating has been optimized to work with speedlights. The Lumodi dish is 1-2 stops more efficient than other beauty dishes with white coatings and center reflectors designed for studio heads.

Included in the Package:

1- 14" Beauty Dish to fit your Flash
1- Rubber Grip Band and Velcro Straps

(You can also ask to print your Logo on them as this is an option that is available for an extra nominal charge)

Available for:

220EX, 430EX I&II and 580EX I&II
SB400, SB600, SB800, SB900, SB26 and SB 28
3600HS and 5600HS
AF540FGZ, AF360FGZ and AF200FG
FL-36R and FL-50R
285 HV and 286 HV

You can order them on Ebay with worldwide shipping.

Watch some sample images at Lumodi Flickr page.

Lumodi web page

1 comment:

Oleśku said...

I made one from pizza form and some other stuff, it cost me ~3$. Quite good after some calibration (central reflector). Even shipping is 5x more expensive ;)

Sooo this one: how much and was it worth it? :)