Monday, April 9, 2012

GalleryPro, Show Your Work Everywhere

Scott Forman and Don Giannatti has joined forces to create a ultimate online gallery manager.

Scott Forman is the guy behind the 2008 project called ShutterVoice (mentioned here at LightingMods and Don Giannatti does not need too much introduction as he's been giving us a lot of photography information at his page.
If you do not know his go check out his page it has awesome information to share and called Lighting Essentials.

About this GalleryPro it is a one-stop solution for online portfolio management which allows for easy integration with a photographer's website, blog, facebook page, etc.

Essentially it allows a person to very easily manage their portfolio and include it on as many of their various web sites and social networking sites as they would like with only a tiny bit of code.  It is cross platform and the same gallery works on desktop as well as mobile and tablets.

Aside from the online control panel to easily manage your portfolio, the intention was to make it very easy for a person to quickly view a photographer's body of work all at once so they could quickly decide if they want to see more rather than having to chase scrolling thumbnails with their mouse or look through pages of thumbnails.

Here is a short presentation video about it

You can Visit the GalleryPro page for more information and how to subscribe it.