Friday, April 20, 2012

Nero triggers DSLR by Light, Sound and Motion

Ever thought of how they do it to trigger the lightnings that occur in Nature or even how that make those crazy dynamic photos of exploding balloons?

Well, think no more... Nero multi trigger will make that and much more into your photographs.

Such a small device that you can attach to your camera via hot-shoe mount and capture all those great moments.

The device is powered by 2 AAA batteries and will last a couple of ours until it drains out, it also have an intervalometer with time lapse features, built in audio, optical and laser sensors so you could easily use it under any situation.

You can get them for Nikon and Canon at the manufacturer page here.

If you like to shoot this  kind of scenarios you would not want to miss one of these babies.

5 comments: said...

Thanks for great info! Any tests? ;)

Rui M Leal said...

Hi, not yet. Did not received any test unit from the manufacturer yet. Let you know when something would come up.

Grimzentide said...

You should also check out the open source trigger "triggertrap".

Being open source, you can modify the code or add your own sensors to it as well. It ships shortly and I have pre-ordered it. Can't wait to start using the triggers.

Rui M Leal said...

Grimzentide, I have check them already but still waiting for it to be available to order and test.

So far I did not have any contact from the Nero trigger to have one unit to test so as soon as I got the TriggerTrap available will get one to test in the field and post the results.

Thanks for the mention.

Grimzentide said...
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