Seam Carving - Image resizing. A Dream that became true

It was with great expectations that in August 2007 I wrote the article "New method to resize your images" stating a new method for resizing your images from Mr. Shai Avidan.

And I wondered if Adobe or Microsoft would grab this guy and start planing on making making the software so this dream would come true.

I was therefore happy to learn that co-creator Shai Avidan joined the Adobe office in Newton, MA (just down the 'pike from MIT) last Monday.

You can now play with it online using your .jpg, gif and .png photos files give it a try at rsizr (Intelligent Image Resizing) and take a look at their web page for some more great stuff for other non windows systems.

Rsizr — Free seam-carving image resizing on the web

See also…
Picutel Smart Resize
$95 Seam Carving Photoshop plugin (PC-only)

Liquid Resize for GIMP
Free Seam Carving plugin for GIMP

Actionscript sourcecode and examples
For you Flash cowboys and cowgirls who want to build this yourself.

Seam Carving academic paper (PDF)
Dr. Ariel Shamir and Dr. Shai Avidan describe their technique in detail.

Two-scale Tone Management for Photographic Look
Soonmin Bae ,Sylvain Paris and Frédo Durand
They introduce a new approach to tone management for photographs.

Maybe on the next version of Photoshop we will have this integrated ;)

This will be a major step forward on image resizing. Thanks Adobe for making this Dream come true.

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This is amazing. Thanks for the link!