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Photokina 2008 (Part 2 of 2)

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_002

I can tell you that this is going to be BIG!!!

Here are the new Canon 5D MarkII features:

DiG!C 4 Image Processor
Canon's latest imaging processor provides fine details, natural color reproduction and rich gradations,
at high speed.

* Significantly faster image processing than the DiG!C III
* Excellent Noise Reduction now possible, with minimal effect on shooting speed or burst rate
* Outstanding performance: No loss of shooting speed with Full-Resolution 14-bit RAW images
* Speed and Power of DiG!C 4 permits new features, such as Face Detection during Live View

21.1 Million Pixel Full Frame CMOS Sensor
Newly developed, 21.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, designed and manufactured entirely by Canon.

* Entirely new sensor, with multiple innovative technologies to maximize brightness sensitivity
at each pixel
* Superior low-noise performance, even at high ISO settings
* Highest sensor performance, even at high ISO settings
* Highest sensor performance in its class: 21.1 million pixels, 3.9 fps continuous shooting speed,
and ISO's 50-25,600
* Full-Frame maximizes performance of Canon EF lenses

Expanded ISO Range & 4 levels of High ISO Noise Reduction
ISO Speed increased by three full stops compared to the EOS 5D

* ISO 100 - 6400 in 1/3 stop intervals
* Auto ISO range 100 - 6400
* H1 ISO 12,800
* H2 ISO 25,600
* L ISO 50

High ISO Noise Reduction can now be set to any of four levels to better suit the amount of noise.

* Standard
* Low
* Strong
* Disable

When in Low, Standard, or Disable settings, the shooting speed and burst rate will not decrease.

16:9 Full HD Video Capture
Movie recording in Full HD as never seen before in a DSLR camera! Create high quality video with a huge variety of lenses from Canon, the leader in optical technology.

* Full HD: 1920 x 1080 (16:9 format)
* SD/VGA: 640 x 480 (4:3 format)
* 30 frames per second
* Recording format: MOV
o Video: H.264 [MPEG-4 AVC]
o Sound: Linear PCM
* Still capture during movie shooting
o Captures at current image quality settings
* Monaural recording with built-in microphone
* Stereo recording via optional external microphone using input port
* Continuous recording time up to 4GB per clip or 29 minutes, 59 seconds, whichever comes first
* Program AE for shooting movies
* Retouching and effects based on Picture Style
* Playback
o Play, Slow Motion, First Frame, Previous Frame, Next Frame, Last Frame, Sound Volume
(6 levels including mute)
* Autofocus
o Quick Mode
o Live Mode
o Live View Face Detection Mode
o Manual

HD Video Output
New HDMI output terminal takes advantage of the stunning resolution of High Definition viewing.

* Playback stills and HD movies in Full High Definition (1920 x 1080), on a compatible HD TV
* Uses industry-standard HDMI mini out connection; requires appropriate HDMI cable (not included)
* Standard video-out to conventional TV monitor (standard NTSC/PAL definition) still available with video-out terminal
* New Slide Show feature lets you view image by folder, or date. Playback times and repeat settings are fully adjustable.

High Definition LCD Monitor

Improved Clear View 3.0 inch LCD monitor, for high quality playback and easier menu navigation.

* 3-inch, high-resolution, finer detail (920,000 dots VGA)
* Approximately 100% coverage
* 170 degree viewing angle
* Manually adjustable in 7 levels
* Automatic adjustment with built-in light sensor for 3 brightness levels
* Anti-reflection and water-repellent coating

Three RAW Recording Options

Three RAW recording options give photographers more control over quality and file sizes.

* Raw, sRAW1 and sRAW2
* New RAW types correspond in size to JPEG Large, Medium & Small
* New RAW types can be set for the recording quality even in the Basic Zone modes
* The recording quality menu screen now has two sections: One for RAW types,
and one for JPEG types

Easy Workflow & Copyright Capability
Workflow is simplified with new in-camera features.

* Create and select folders to store captured images with Select Photo Screen
* Register "Photographer" and "Copyright Holder" in EOS utility
* Append copyright information in EXIF data

Peripheral Illumination Correction
This new feature evens brightness across the image field and automatically reduces light fall-off at image edges for specific Canon lenses.

* JPEG images: peripheral illumination fall-off is corrected automatically to suit the respective lens
* RAW images: peripheral illumination fall-off is corrected in Digital Photo Professional
* Camera is pre-loaded with correction data for 26 Canon lenses
* Up to 40 lenses can be registered via EOS utility
* 82 lenses currently supported

Highlight Tone Priority

* Adds up to an additional stop of detail in the brightest highlights
* Valuable feature in high contrast lighting

Quick Control Menu Screen
The Quick Control screen permits shooters to make adjustments to camera settings right from the LCD monitor (one touch access through the multi-controller joystick on rear of camera).

* Convenient and clear navigation is ideal for beginners to adjust camera settings
* High definition LCD is bright, colorful, and easy to read
* Adjustable settings from the quick Control Menu include: ISO, Exposure Compensation/AEB, AF point selection, Picture Style, Metering and Focusing Modes, White Balance, Drive modes, RAW OR JPEG recording/image quality, and Flash Exposure Compensation

Creative Auto (CA) Shooting Mode
Creative Auto is a brand new shooting mode designed for beginners who want to go one step beyond Full Auto Mode-to learn about photography or have more creative control.

* Basic settings are based on Full Auto
* Quick Control Screen offers easy, intuitive direction for image adjustments,
controlled from the LCD monitor
* Blur the background or lighten/darken image through easy-to-understand navigation
* Adjustments include Flash, Motor Drive, Image Quality, White Balance, Program Shift, Exposure Compensation, Picture Style

Updated EOS Integrated Cleaning System

Newly designed to work with Full-Frame sensor.

* Optimized for the Full Frame sensor
* Fluorine coating on front of low pass filter is more resistant to sticky and moist dust
* Dust Delete Data feature allows automatic removal of dust with Canon's DPP software

15 Point AF System

Improved Auto Focus System for more precision.

* 9 Selectable AF points with 6 Assist Points
* High-precision center Cross-type AF
* AF micro adjustment for fine tuning Canon Lenses
* Light source detection maximizes performance under mixed light sources

High Performance Viewfinder

Newly designed viewfinder optics, larger, easier to see and clearer than previous model.

* 98% coverage
* 33.3 degree field of view
* 21mm eyepoint
* 3 new interchangeable focus screens
o Standard, Grid and Super Precision
* Viewfinder Information: ISO speed, Monochrome Shooting, Battery Check & D+
(Highlight Tone Priority Mode for expanded dynamic range)

High Speed Writing

With a UDMA (Ultra Direct Memory Access) CF Card, card writing speeds are faster than ever.

* Can support transfer speeds of up to 133 MB/sec
* Burst Depth
* With standard CF cards: Up to 78 Consecutive JPEGs, or 13 RAW images
* With UDMA CF cards: Unlimited large/Fine JPEGS or 14 RAW

Improved Live View Shooting Options
Overall operability of the Live View Function has been upgraded, for greater control and ease of use.

* All Live View functions can be adjusted from a single menu screen
* Face Detection Live Mode detects up to 35 human faces
* Common camera settings (such as White Balance, AF point selection, Motor Drive, and ISO) can be accessed live on the LCD, even while running Live View
* Two grid display options (coarse and fine)
* Improved AF options, including Live Face Detection
* Silent Shooting
o Allows multiple shots with minimal noise
o Reduces shutter noise even further in single shot mode

What more do you need...?

Before we move to the 5D MarkII let's first take a closer look at the Powershot G10 IS and make a side by side photo view with the Powershot G9.

Photokina 2008_054

Canon Powershot G10 IS Specs:

* 14.7 Megapixel
digital camera for the highest image quality.

* High powered 5x Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer plus a 28mm wide-angle lens gets you up close and personal to your subjects as well as captures more in your frame.

* New DIGIC 4 Image Processor improves Face Detection, adds Servo AF, Face Detection Self-Timer and Intelligent Contrast Correction for greater flexibility.

* Full range of shooting and recording modes including RAW + JPEG for the ultimate creative control.

* Large 3.0-inch PureColor LCD II (460,000 dots/VGA) with even greater true-to-life color reproduction.

* A wealth of accessories including optional Speedlite flashes, an underwater housing and a Tele Converter lens.

* Print/Share Button for easy direct printing and downloading, plus ID Photo Print and Movie Print with select PIXMA Photo Printers and SELPHY Compact Photo Printers.

Finally they have made it with a 28mm lens in it but you loose the 200mm range :( anyway the G9 at 200mm was also not very stable even with the IS always turned on the pictures would come out a little burred.

Photokina 2008_056

Front view.

Photokina 2008_055

Top View.
Canon Powershot G10_01

Side-by-Side front view.

Canon Powershot G10_02

Side-by-Side back view.

Canon Powershot G10_03

Side-by-Side top view.

Canon Powershot G10_04

Now let's take a small tour over the so long waited 5D MarkII we will start by the outside and move along with some photos taken while at Photokina 2008.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_001


Canon Eos 5D MarkII_003

Front view with a 16-35 USM LII.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_004

Back view.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_005

Top View.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_006

Side view.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_007

Top LCD view.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_008

Top speed dial view.

And the menus are as follow.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_009

Languages available.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_010

Live View menu.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_011

Battery Info menu.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_012

New Quick display and selection menu.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_013

Battery Info menu with it's new ability to memorize up to 6 batteries. So you always have the charge information about all 6.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_014

ISO Menu.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_015

A Small view of the LCD picture taken at H2(25600) ISO. Well I tried to make this the best as possible but it seems almost impossible to have here an accurate view and it was difficult to use the G9 on one hand while holding the 5D MarkII on the other, but I can tell you that I was very impressed with the results even at this higher ISO.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_016

I wanted to try again with a closer look at ISO 1600.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_017

Here is the result. Good clean noise concerning the camera is using 4 Levels of High ISO Noise Reduction.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_018

Hands over it with the new Grip BG-E6.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_019

Backside view.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_020

Huge LCD, one of these days we will be having plasmas all over our cameras and don't forget the touch screens ;)

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_021

Here in use with the 50mm 1.2 L.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_022

Did I mentioned the new Grip? Well here it is.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_023

The new one it follows along with the camera nice and smoothly.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_024

And the connections port.

The new HDMI output terminal takes advantage of the stunning resolution of High Definition viewing.

* Playback stills and HD movies in Full High Definition (1920 x 1080), on a compatible HD TV
* Uses industry-standard HDMI mini out connection; requires appropriate HDMI cable (not included)
* Standard video-out to conventional TV monitor (standard NTSC/PAL definition) still available with video-out terminal
* Stereo jack for input of a microphone or external audio in for stereo HDMI audio recording.
* USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
* AV out (video & audio)
* Microphone input
* PC Sync flash terminal
* Communication terminal on base for WFT-E4
* InfraRed

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_025

The Battery compartment. It can hold (with an adapter) normal batteries.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_026

The new redesigned batteries that are a little bit fatter than the previous BP-511 and hold more juice in them.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_027

Now with 1800mAH and named LP-E6.

Let's take a look at the menus from left to right.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_028

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_029

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_030

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_031

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_032

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_033

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_034

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_035

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_036

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_037

This is the Live View screen.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_038

And the Movie recording options.

Canon Eos 5D MarkII_039

And lats but not least the LCD menu brightness.

I also had time to record a small video of the demonstration of the Video capabilities and shooting while filming.

Just take a look.

Hope you have enjoyed this different way to see the Canon 5D MarkII. By now there are so many reviews of it that I decided to leave that to the real testers and take a more of a personal approach.

I can tell you that this camera is awesome and will be available for sale in the beginning of November for around 2.500,00 euros more or less, still not price or availability for the grip.

Also take a look at part 1 of this article to see more Photokina 2008 news.

Photokina 2008 (Part 1 of 2)
Photokina 2008 (Part 2 of 2)

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