Tuesday, May 27, 2008

8 DVD Strobist box set NOW available

The so much awaited Strobist DVD set will be out on the streets starting from today!!

I told you that it was coming out very soon ;)

So now you do not have an excuse not to buy it and start off camera lighting.

This 8 DVD set will answer all your questions concerning Strobist and Off Camera lighting.

David Hobby answered some questions about orders, packagings and contents on his Flickr page here is the transcription.

Answers to some of the Q's in the comments:

• Pre-orders? Nope. They will go on sale next Tuesday.

• Is that gaffer's tape at the edges? Yes! But it repro'd dark, so it is hard to tell. I taped crinkled paper down on my dining room table, put a string over it and photo'd that. I added the titling in another layer, and erased to reveal the string, which now looks like it is on top. Eatcher heart out, Matt K...

• What's it gonna cost? $139, for eight DVDs: Full-day seminar, gear disc and nine location shoots.

• Blu-Ray? Er, no. DV format. In every instance where we had to choose between allocating resources between production values and content, we chose content.

• Will it be on Amazon? That is something I am working on. Not immediately, but hopefully before long.

• Where do I order? Initially, via MPEX, who is gearing up to get them out ASAP.

• Is there a D/L version? Not for now. At 8 DVD's, it'd be some pretty hefty bandwidth.

• Will it be shipped overseas? Yes. Shipping will be more, but then you will be benefitting from the crappy state of the US dollar, too...

• What was the setup for this shot? DVD's on my table. Flash sitting on kitchen counter, bouncing off the ceiling (camera upper right, relative position.) You guys never stop, do you? :)

David has setup a Main Strobist DVD Discussion Thread on Flickr, any questions you can put them here and have direct answer from Mr. David Hobby Himself.

And if you want to know what will be featuring on the 8 DVD box set, you heard me well 8 DVD's wrapped in brown paper just take a look at Strobist page.

You can order Strobist Lighting DVDs at Midwest Photo for $139.00 and they will ship it Internationally. Pay attention that there were only 1000 copies made for the first round, so try to get your order as soon as you can.

As per David Hobby Words:
"We printed 1,000 copies, which was all I could afford! Everything was done out of pocket. If these sell out, it will allow me to cover all expenses -- including Bill's many hours, subtitling, DVD printing costs, etc., and fund another round."


Strobist Lighting Seminar on DVD

Eight-DVD set (approx. ten hours total) with David Hobby from the website Strobist.com. It is aimed at advanced amateur photographers who would like to gain a better understanding of how use small flashes off-camera to improve the quality of light in their photos.

Includes 8 DVD's:
-Lighting Gear for Beginners
-Morning Session Part 1
-Morning Session Part 2
-Afternoon Session Part 1
-Afternoon Session Part 2
-Bonus Material 1
-Bonus Material 2
-Bonus Material 3

Bonus Material includes:
-Conference Room Headshot
-Swimsuit Portrait
-Kendo Practitioner
-Pool Portrait
-Lighting Indoor Basketball
-Mountain Bike Shoot
-Group Shot
-DIY Macro Box
-Sunset Sunflower

The shoots included in the videos range from tabletop product shots to individual portraiture to an eleven-person group photo. The shoots are designed to illustrate some of the different techniques available to the small-flash photographer.

First DVD: Discussion -- Lighting gear for beginners. DVDs 2-5: Full day lighting seminar, which includes both discussion and shooting. DVDs 6-8: Nine location shoots.

Here is a small sample video

More photos by David Hoffmann from the DVD setup you can find them in here.


aleksphotography said...

Yes, Yeessss..... I've alredy order it...:)

Thanks Rui
Best Regards from Slovenija

tommyleong said...

I am just about to place the order, what's the promo code ?


Anonymous said...

Word is, if you haven't already ordered, you'll be waiting for the second printing.

Great for Dave, bad for us that were a little short of funds that day.